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El Born Restaurant

El Born, a tapas restaurant located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York is so named after the central district in Barcelona, Spain. "Where," our client mentioned, "ancient alleyways are a playground for the latest in fashion, art and nightlife." In the spirit of its namesake, El Born the restaurant was conceptualized to nurture a vibrant and communal atmosphere. A single vault over a marble bar spans the length of the space. The vault leads to a neon sculpture accentuating the dining area beyond the bar. The idea behind the neon sculpture and barrel vault ceiling is to lead the eye of passers-by through the long and narrow dining space, to the heart of the restaurant. The vaulted ceiling stops well before touching the exterior facade, its sectional outline exposed to the street. This is further accentuated with a new enlarged opening to the street, where a custom insulated glass and blackened steel system allow for uninterrupted views of the barrel vault ceiling through to the neon light. The long communal marble bar/table celebrates the informal settings where tapas are shared, with a sense of gathering beneath the ceiling's curve. The vaulted ceiling, isolated from the existing shell at the edges by means of concealed lighting gaps, provides a level of intimacy over the bar seating. This warmth is balanced in the careful use of materials throughout the space. The exposed concrete flooring and existing brick wall, along with blackened steel frames and white oak planks compose the main elements of this balance in materiality. A built-in white oak banquette seating located in an alcove adjacent to the dining area allows for an alternate private enclave. The custom fabricated neon lighting fixture provides a subtle nuance to the overall atmosphere at El Born. All photos ©: Eduard Hueber | archphoto

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